Buying The Right Car Stereo

Car sound systems have come a long way. Back in the old old days, if you wanted to listen to music in your Model T you would have to start singing. The first actual radios were old AM radios, with one small speaker. AM was never that great, if you could pick up on a station it was either some guy talking, or some radio show, and very little music.The other problem with early radio is that since it was fairly new, these units were bulky, expensive, and drew a lot of power from your car’s battery.

As car stereos grew in popularity, the price went down, units were smaller, and took less energy. Then came the 8 track player, which had an AM/FM radio, as well as a device that would play a large cartridge. This cartridge has a continuous reel of magnetic film, and would play your favorite artists. Unlike the cassette player, (which came out later,) the 8 track played on a continuous loop. The cassette player had a two sided magnetic tape. When one side of the cassette ended, you had to take it out and flip it over to play the ‘back’ side of the tape. Of course some players would automatically reverse the play head and play the other side.

Of course many of you probably don’t know what an 8 track is, or even a cassette player. The cassette player only lasted until the early 1990’s and was quickly replaced by the CD. Now you have not only CD, AM/FM players, but systems capable of connecting your MP3 player to it. Another thing about these brand new systems is that you should feel lucky. Back in the day, when you had just the basic radios or players, you only had 1 or 2 speakers, in monotone, meaning only one track of sound. Now you have many different tracks of sound, and when you listen to your radio today, or your favorite music, each track can come from a different speaker. Now you can adjust the bass, the treble, and the mid range tones as well.

Choosing the right stereo system for your vehicle can be a daunting task. There are many things to take into consideration, from the brand of the system, how many components you need, and of course price. One thing you do have to consider. While there are ‘cheap’ car stereo systems out there you can get from any mass marketing retailer, the problem is you get what you pay for. The unit itself may not put out the kind of sound you are looking for, or have features like connections for your mobile devices. The speakers probably won’t have the output you’re looking for, and may blow when you turn the sound up too loud.

Many people looking for their after market car stereo turn to the internet for help. If you don’t know a lot about stereos, there are numerous resources that can help you. The internet is a wonderful tool to help you buy the right system for your car, but there are both pros and cons to buying online.

On the plus side, buying online offers a wide variety of products. One of the best car stereo systems is offered by Car Stereo Warehouse, especially if you want a system that is going to put out loud sounds, without blowing your speakers. You also get the best prices, whether you need a single component, or the whole system. Also Car Stereo offers installation services for all items purchased either on our online store or in-store purchases.